Episode 14

Dov Goes to World Makerfaire What do prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers have in common? >In this episode, Friend to No Such Thing and recent NYC high school applicant, Dov Alperin, roves the 2017 World Makerfaire for weird, wonderful, and next-best things, reporting back and sharing his finds. Listeners met Dov in Episodes 2 &… Continue reading Episode 14


Episode 13

Stepping Into Life Through Radio Radio Rookies features nationally broadcasted youth reporters tackling drugs, crime, politics, and so much more. >In this episode: Marc is joined by Temitayo Fagbenle, an award-winning Rookie Reporter, and Kaari Pitkin, Senior Producer for WNYC. Radio Rookies is the product of veteran radio producers, Marianne McCune and Kaari Pitkin, who… Continue reading Episode 13

Episode 12

Is VR a Reality for Education Now? Diving deeper into the hype of one of history's most anticipated technologies. >In this episode, Marc is joined by designer / developer and *renowned technoculturalist*, Joe Saavedra of Planeta, a NY-based R&D company working across digital platforms. And Chelien Brown, Learning Design Coordinator at Mouse, and NY-based STEM educator, content creator,… Continue reading Episode 12

PowerUp, Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning and the "myth of the average" >In this episode: Marc's guest, Kate Rosenbloom, is the Senior Manager for Learning Design at Mouse, an alum of Teacher's College At Columbia University, and curriculum developer working in STEM, Design, and Computing education. After a recent retreat to attend CAST's Universal Design for Learning Institute, Kate fills… Continue reading PowerUp, Universal Design for Learning

Episode 11

Maker Ed in NYC Schools >In this episode: Veteran educators from urban public schools unpack the promise and practice that has captured many imaginations. After decades of experience in the NYC public school system, these three educators are hopeful that "Maker Education," the field's instantiation of the popular tinker movement re-constituted by the commercial Make… Continue reading Episode 11

Episode 10

Erik Martin: Revisiting "How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education" Erik Martin revisits a story he told in 2013 at TedX, Redmond WA, titled "How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education." Erik has since held posts at the US Department of Education, the Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology (OST) and… Continue reading Episode 10

Episode 9

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality at American Museum of Natural History >In this episode, I'm joined by Jessy Jo Gomez -- a fantastic partner to help me peel back the layers of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality for learning. Jessy Jo and I chat with Barry Joseph of the American Museum of Natural History, who helps us to navigate… Continue reading Episode 9