Beam Center

Beam Center is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for students in under resourced communities to learn both technology and art. They offer after school and summer programs which take place both in their facilities and in public schools. They help teachers grow through their professional development programs. Through their various programs, communities are created that challenge and support students in order to help them grow. At Beam Center students are empowered to create a bright future for themselves.

Educational Video Center

EVC is a nonprofit organization that uses technology to give youths a voice. EVC offers programs for students and educators. They provide a safe and encouraging environment for students to create documentaries about their own lives and communities. Through EVC students learn digital and media literacy while exploring social issues and realizing that they are not alone in their struggles. EVC creates tight knit community in which students learn skills critical to success such as confidence, and expression.

Games 4 Change

Games 4 Change is a non-profit organization that creates and distributes digital games that have a positive social impact. The games are focused on humanitarian and educational topics. They serve as a tool to educate and inflict positive change through entertainment media. They have a number of programs and competitions such as the student challenge and public arcades. They also host a festival to bring together innovative thinkers and doers, and showcase the greatest minds, games, and technologies in the digital game making field.

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla is a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to ensuring that the internet is readily available to everyone. The internet plays a big role in every aspect of modern culture and society. It is used by people of all ages, all over the world, for a wide variety of different and similar reasons. Mozilla is working to provide a secure space that enhances the lives of its users. They focus on their users, creating an “empowered, safe, and independent”  experience for them. They emphasize the importance of the public contributing to and shaping the internet, helping to make it a public resource. Mozilla has done more than develop the internet, it has created a cyber-community.

Radio Rookies

“Radio Rookies is a New York Public Radio initiative that provides teenagers the tools and training to create radio stories about themselves, their communities and their world.”  They hold workshops in predominantly under resourced areas across NYC to help teach students how to express themselves and tell their stories. The workshops culminate with the airing of the “Rookies” stories on WNYC.  

STEM from Dance

Stem from dance is an organization that is focussed on “creating a future where the STEM workforce is just as diverse as our nation’s population.” Stem from Dance creates opportunities for minority girls in low-income areas by introducing them to coding and the world of STEM. Dance and STEM are combined in this program to help teach young students coding in a creative and innovative atmosphere. This combination is also culturally relevant, and introduces  STEM skill sets while inspiring confidence among the girls. Through observing STEM’s relevance in dance, girls are able to understand the many applications of STEM in different activities and fields.