Episode 14

Dov Goes to World Makerfaire

What do prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers have in common?

>In this episode,

Friend to No Such Thing and recent NYC high school applicant, Dov Alperin, roves the 2017 World Makerfaire for weird, wonderful, and next-best things, reporting back and sharing his finds. Listeners met Dov in Episodes 2 & 3 at Brooklyn’s Beam Center. This is a great episode if you missed World Makerfaire 2017, have never been, or never miss it, all the same. Prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers both make an appearance in this episode, and Dov asks makers, “how do I get my mom to let me build one of these at home?” Spoiler alert for Dov’s sister: this episode may reveal the contents of a Chanukah gift.

Notes from this episode:

Heavy Meta
Escama Studio
Scott Schneider’s Christmas Fountain
Saber Guild Empire Temple
Big Ant by Le Machine de L’Ile
Eepy Bird (Coke and Mentos Guys)
Team 334, Brooklyn Tech High School
Hexapod Project
Pearlie Mae’s Beautiful Nonsense (Swimmable Silicone Mermaid Tails)
Seed Studio


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