Episode 12

Is VR a Reality for Education Now?

Diving deeper into the hype of one of history’s most anticipated technologies.

>In this episode,

Marc is joined by designer / developer and *renowned technoculturalist*, Joe Saavedra of Planeta, a NY-based R&D company working across digital platforms. And Chelien Brown, Learning Design Coordinator at Mouse, and NY-based STEM educator, content creator, and youth developer. From Chelien: how does he experiment with VR as a creative tool for learners in middle and high school? Learn about Joe’s pathway from Alto Sax to leading large-scale hardware and software projects in VR and beyond. Together, leveraging Joe’s expertise, the group winds up on a shopping spree, to discover the cost of one full VR setup that a school or learning org might incorporate into their space. Are we closer to the moment when “VR for learning” is accessible for all?

About Planeta: Planeta is an R+D studio that builds ideas and tools in the domains of visual arts, sound, design and architecture. Our owned brands are to.be, Ooni, Mona, Oda, Chop and DCF. We are engaged in a vital creative partnership with GIPHY. And our Space in the East Village of Manhattan is an active performance and art space.

Notes from this episode:

Mouse, October winning micro project post
UC Davis Techno Cultural Studies
Max (Software)
VVVV (Software)
Seydou Keïta – Malian photography
AR Kit (Apple software)
Giphy Cam
Room-scale VR
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
AND Festival (Abandon Normal Devices Festival)
Virtual Regality
Wired, (mixed reality article) The Untold Story of Magic Leap
Mona mask- Planeta
Unreal engine
Oculus Project Santa Cruz
Razor laptop
GE Force processor


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