Episode 11

Maker Ed in NYC Schools

>In this episode:

Veteran educators from urban public schools unpack the promise and practice that has captured many imaginations.

After decades of experience in the NYC public school system, these three educators are hopeful that “Maker Education,” the field’s instantiation of the popular tinker movement re-constituted by the commercial Make Magazine and Maker Faire, holds promise for reforming aspects of how we teach and learn. Dr. Lou Lahanna, Lori Stahl-VanBrackle, and Iliana Villegas don’t agree on every aspect of the present or future of Maker Ed, but together with thousands of educators nationally, are writing the playbook as they go. This conversation unpacks the specifics issues that educators face when working to infuse the values and methodology into their schools. The group cite examples of multi-disciplinary project work, and dig into the spaces where they happen.

Notes from this episode:

Make Education Forum
Cricut (Cutter)
Rube Goldberg
Common Core Standards
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
The Ella Baker School
Desoto School, PS 130
Problem-based Learning (Wikipedia)
Project-based Learning (from Edutopia)
Professional Learning Communities
NYC Schools Makers (Facebook Group)
School of Arts, Collaboration & Technology / Joseph Lanzetta, PS 96
Island School, PS/MS 188


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