Episode 9

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality at American Museum of Natural History

>In this episode, I’m joined by Jessy Jo Gomez — a fantastic partner to help me peel back the layers of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality for learning. Jessy Jo and I chat with Barry Joseph of the American Museum of Natural History, who helps us to navigate definitions, explore new examples incorporating the technology, and by sharing his experience in the design and development of AR and VR in his role at the museum. Stick around until the end for a NST first: a live shootout of Grow-A-Game to test our guests in their game design rapid prototyping skills.

Notes from this episode:

Barry Joseph’s Blog, Mooshme.org
Jessy Jo Gomez on Twitter
Tilt Factor’s Grow-A-Game
Mary Flanagan
AR Kit from Apple
Future of Storytelling
American Museum of Natural History
Center for the Future of Museums
The artist, Zenka
HoloLens from Microsoft
Magic Leap in Wired Magazine
Oculus Rift
Playstation VR


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