Episode 8

The Networking of Humanity

>In this episode: Chris Lawrence is the Vice President of Mozilla Foundation’s Leadership Network, and he’s joined by fellow web citizens, Iliana Lugo and Charles Canario, to discuss “Internet Health” and a host of issues related to learning and literacy in the digital age. Is information on the internet a public resource? Why should we care about issues of privacy on the web? What are the skills that all of us can support as learners of all ages grow with the culture of the web? Charles and Iliana share their perspectives about these issues and more, and we find out that one of us is considering an anonymous web identity to carry out their aspirations as a LARPER.

Notes from this episode:

Mozilla Foundation
Internet Health Report
Educational Video Center
Global Action Project
Casey Neistadt and Demonitization
Web Literacy Map
The Larry’s Pop Pod


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