Episode 6

The Difference between looking and seeing.

evc_logo-smallSteve Goodman talks about Educational Video Center’s (EVC) incredible origin story, and what has kept their youth media programs true to the vision that sparked the organization more than 30 years ago. Serenah Vaughan is a budding filmmaker, alum of EVC’s documentary production program, who now, as she finishes up high school, is working on a production that characterizes the problem of opioid addiction across rural and urban environments. This episode will take you on a ride from the gangs of the South Bronx in the 1970’s to the practical potential of production-centered media education today.

Links from this episode:

Educational Video Center
“Family Portrait” on Vimeo
Porta Pack
Cinema Verité
Maysle Brothers
Fred Wiseman
Downtown Community Television
Netflix Hip Hop Series, “Hip-Hop Evolution”
NYC Writing Project
Hive NYC
Kathleen Tyner Interview with Steve Goodman, 1993
Paulo Freire
John Dewey
Dziga Vertov’s, “Man With a Movie Camera”
History of video formats
James Gee
Distributed Cognition


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